This Week

By Vita Forest

This week I have been

WRITING Will you take the risk?

READING The Songlines by Bruce Chatwin

GOING back to school

LEARNING some interesting things about Gen Z and Gen Alpha (our current students) and Creative and Critical Thinking at some Professional Development sessions.

ENJOYING having my children back from their overseas holiday (except for the feral jet lagged fighting)

WATCHING Julie and Julia with Lucy

SKETCHING and enjoying the good company and warm sunshine at Carriageworks, Redfern.

This Week

By Vita Forest

Beautiful bush at Castlecrag

This week I have been


READING The Sunlit Night by Rebecca Dinerstein (lovely).

WATCHING The Handmaid’s Tale (not lovely but excellent).

WALKING in Castlecrag with Saskia and Rowdy (beautiful)

Waterfall, Castlecrag

SKETCHING at Sydney Hospital (I was not in the zone…)

FIXING up my classroom, ready for the new term.

KNITTING a cowl.

GETTING ready to go back to school.

Tree ferns, Castlecrag

This week

By Vita Forest

This week I have been


READING Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow

WATCHING Dance Academy Season 3 (Aaah!)

WALKING with Saskia and Rowdy from Neutral Bay to Mosman Bay around the headlands and

SEEING this sign at Kurraba St Wharf and

VISITING the pool at Cremorne Point (alas not for a swim) and

ADMIRING the banksia flowers along the path and

SEEING this winsome little creature in the Lex and Ruby Graham Gardens at Cremorne

PICNICKING at Clive Park in Northbridge with some bookish friends and

ADMIRING the view (friends, food, books and beautiful places!) and

CELEBRATING the good life.


This week

By Vita Forest

Where does the sea end and the pool begin? South Curl Curl

This week I have been


  • Eric by Shaun Tan to my class at school (how lovely!)
  • A structural report by Sui-Sui on an old novel I wrote – she has taken the time to really analyze it and come up with suggestions to rework it into something better – Thanks wonderful lady!  You will make a great editor some day!

WRITING Mobile Tales 6: A rainbow of reading (Further adventures of Christabel La Mouse)


  • A Strategic Plan at the Griffin Theatre Company (another intense night of theatre)
  • Please like me Season 3 (I particularly enjoyed the scene where Arnold practises coming out to his own Dad by singing Sia’s Chandelier to Josh’s Dad – just gorgeous!)


  • Observatory Hill for a spot of sketching
  • Curl Curl for a wild swim in the rock pool and a cliff top walk with Saskia and Rowdy.

    CATCHING UP with lots of lovely people including Sui-Sui, Saskia and Vastra.

    REALIZING that Saskia’s, Vastra’s and my child-free weekends coincide… what adventures lie in store…

    This week

    By Vita Forest

    This week I have been


    • Wanderlust by Rebecca Solnit
    • Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen 

    WRITING Not even the beginning

    MAKING a Harry Potter trivia game with Lucy (feel free to submit question ideas if you like!)

    WALKING with Saskia after the rain.

    SKETCHING my balcony garden as my sketch club was cancelled due to the rain.

    ATTENDING a meeting about the combined schools concert my school is involved in later in the year.

    BRAINSTORMING lots of ideas for stories, choreography and costumes for our item.

    TRYING another tack with my 4th grade class for poetry writing (providing them with a starting word for each line) and 

    DISCOVERING they were poets!

    REMEMBERING how when she was in Year 1, one of my current students poo-pooed one of my suggestions for a song to sing at assembly because it was “a kids’ song”!  They could see the humour in that comment now.

    This week

    By Vita Forest

    Angophora trees at Balls Head

    This week I have been


    • On Writing by Stephen King (great!)
    • Wanderlust by Rebecca Solnit

    WRITING Summer sketching

    WATCHING the new series of Grand Designs

    HAVING a brain explosion of ideas for our new dance item

    GIVING my presentation to my class’s parents for the Parent Information night and not feeling well then

    GETTING sick and almost losing my voice (at least it was in that order…)

    RESTING for a couple of days

    GOING for a gentle walk around Balls Head with my sister Briony

    CELEBRATING Briony’s birthday with the family

    This week

    By Vita Forest

    Sunday sunrise at Curl Curl

    This week I have been


    • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling
    • Wanderlust by Rebecca Solnit


    • At Bombo
    • Programs for school including one on Poetry incorporating David Chapelle’s short film of Sergei Poluntin dancing to Take me to Church by Hozier.  I am excited!

    EXPERIENCING Sydney’s extreme weather this week – storms and heavy rain on Tuesday, crazy-high temperatures on Friday and Saturday.

    VISITING the water to cool off on the weekend… Murray Rose/Redleaf Pool in Woollahra and Curl Curl Beach.

    WALKING AND TALKING with Saskia at Curl Curl after a swim.

    BUMPING into an old student and family at Curl Curl (it was all happening at Curl Curl…)

    MISSING outdoor sketching due to the extreme temperatures.


    • time to relax.
    • time for yoga.

    Saturday morning at Refleaf pool, Woollahra