Overheard… in the classroom 

By Vita Forest

While hearing one side of a fight between two seven year old girls… both of whom are friends with Meera.

“If we play together we fight, so we’re trying to keep away from each other. We’re just trying to see who gets Meera…” (Followed by a big gap-toothed angelic smile).

Overheard… at Pambula markets

By Vita Forest

As the figure above (who did bear a more than passing resemblance to our current prime minister) strolled among the stall holders…

From a taciturn stall holder watching grimly, “Bloke said to me we should push him in the ocean… I said – Nah, I wouldn’t do that to the fish.”

From a small child in a stroller pointing, “Look Mummy, it’s that scary man again!”

To a stall holder at a stall featuring a lot of cutting implements – “Hey Donnie, you got a good deal on scissors ay? Buy one, get a million free.”

And at another where a stall holder had just returned from a wander – “Mike saw me coming, he said – don’t you start in on your bargaining or I’ll double the price right away!”

Overheard in Dollar King

By Vita Forest



Strange man (further along the aisle as he picks up a novelty back scratcher): Hey check this out! (waves back scratcher in the air).
(Looks at me properly) – Oh I thought you were the missus. Now you think I’m the strange craa-zzeee guy! (waves his arms around and exits with a crazy cackle).

I was very understanding.