This week

By Vita Forest

This week I have been

WRITING school reports!

READING Fire by Kristin Cashore

WATCHING Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock with the kids (Max is studying it at school)  Wow!  Is it our new favourite Hitchcock??

VISITING Vivid in Chatswood with the kids and enjoying the atmosphere while eating a gelato from Gelateria Gondola (the best).  We liked all the music-making, interactive fun.  No doubt we’ll get to the city sometime too.

SKETCHING with my niece Pippi in the Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney.  Then we went

LOOKING in the Art Gallery of New South Wales (Pippi’s first visit.  Her verdict – “There were lots of butts, some of them were quite detailed…”)

PLANTING some lovely things on my balconies after being inspired by our apartment’s gardener

UPDATING our block’s garden.

LOOKING forward to seeing it all in bloom.

This week

By Vita Forest


This week I have been

READING Those who leave and those who stay by Elena Ferrante.


VISITING the Vivid Festival at Chatswood with my children.

SEEING one of my old students and her family there too…

WALKING the labyrinth at Centennial Park.

STRIDING through the bush near my home (aren’t I lucky?)


RUGGING up as the first chill hits Sydney (it is nearly winter…)

COOKING spicy pumpkin soup.