This week

By Vita Forest

Snorkellers and Surfers near The Bower, Manly

This week I have been


  • Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
  • The Lieutenant by Kate Grenville


  • Reverberations
  • Teaching programs for Term 2
  • Lots of chapters of my novel… revisions and new ones based on Sui-Sui’s suggestions and some new ideas I’ve had.


  • School for some planning..
  • Homebush Aquatic Centre with Lucy.
  • The Chinese Garden of Friendship, Darling Harbour, for some more sketching (and some experiments with some lovely black ink…)
  • Shelly Beach, Manly, for some snorkeling where we were lucky enough to be


Two Gropers, a Crimson banded wrasse, lots of schools of different fish and lots of jellyfish.  Another gorgeous autumn day in Sydney.

Junior snorkellers, near The Bower, Manly

WATCHING Dead Poets Society

The Chinese Gardens of Friendship, Sydney

This week

By Vita Forest


A book, a cuppa, a cushion and a cat.

This week I have been

  • READING Carry On by Rainbow Rowell
  • WATCHING The Belier Family
  • LISTENING to music to make a choice¬†for our Year 5/6 dance group.
  • BRAINSTORMING lots of story, costume and choreography ideas for the dance competition we are entering.
  • BABYSITTING my niece and nephew.
  • MAKING lots of plans for Sunday then cancelling them all and staying at home with a book, a cuppa, a cushion and the cats.¬† I was shattered!