This week

By Vita Forest


This week I have been


  • The Art of Travel by Alain de Botton
  • School reports!

CELEBRATING Max’s birthday!


  • Woman in Gold with the kids
  • The Killing without them.  (Finished Series 1…)
  • Lucy create an amazing Pac Man picnic rug for her Year 6 picnic (her group are doing an 80s and 90s theme).

    SKETCHING in the peaceful surrounds of the Paddington Reservoir Gardens

    PICNICKING at Sawmiller’s Reserve (for lunch with Lucy and Briony) and Kirribilli (for dinner with Saskia).

    SPOTTING a seahorse detach itself from a clump of seaweed, swim up to a passing jellyfish, give it a kiss then swim back to the seaweed to disappear into the camoflauge of its branches!  In the clear waters of Berry’s Bay, North Sydney.


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