The A to Z of my A to Z challenge 2016

By Vita Forest

The changing colours of Skyspace

The changing colours of Skyspace – for the letter S

Well, the April A to Z challenge finished just over a week ago and I am still processing the roller coaster that it was.  I learned a lot and spent the month fairly buzzing with creative juices.  Here are links to all my output.  Some travel, some artistic adventures and lots of flash fiction.



A is for… Art

B is for… Bed

C is for… Cinderella

D is for… Doorknob

E is for… Everything

F is for… Flowers


G is for… Gabriel

H is for… Home

I is for… Ibis

J is for… Joy

K is for… Kiss

L is for… Love


M is for… Monolith

N is for… Narcissist

O is for… Old-school

P is for… Peak hour

Q is for… Quentin

R is for… Red


S is for… Skyspace

T is for… Train

U is for… Unconscious

V is for… Venice

W is for… Wedding

X is for… Xanthe


Y is for… Yearning

Z is for… Zone



This week

By Vita Forest


Lane Cover River park

This week I have been

  • READING The Lost Daughter by Elena Ferrante (compelling but disturbing and awful).
  • WATCHING Shawn Achor’s TED talk: The happy secret to better work as part of some Professional Development.
  • MAKING Mothers Day cards at school and home.
  • CELEBRATING a big birthday for my Mum.
  • WRITING programs for school.
  • WALKING in Lane Cove River Park with my family.
  • GARDENING on my balcony, planting lots of greenery from my sister’s that needs a new home.  What an oasis!

This week

By Vita Forest

A to Z challenge April 2016

A to Z challenge April 2016

This week I have been