This week

By Vita Forest

 This week I have been

READING The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton, but then

WRITING  When should you stop reading?


  •  The Good Wife Season 7.  Alicia and Jason – yay!
  • Ladies Day by Alana Vanentine at the Griffin Theatre.  What can I say – it was amazing. Confronting, intense, moving.  There is nothing quite like sitting in the front row at some intimate live theatre. Very recommended.

MAKING a Japanese-style, concertina-fold, birthday mini-book for my sister – Happy Big Landmark Birthday!


  • chocolate birthday cake with a vanilla, meringue-like, double-cooked icing made by my Mum… Oh my!
  • blood orange gelato from Gelato Messina in Darkinghurst, as we people-watched after Ladies Day.  Oh my again!

SINGING Dingle Dangle scarecrow with my nephew.

COUNTING how many teeth my class has lost so far this year. Currently our Tooth Tally stands at 16. (None of them mine).



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