Tea in a teeny tiny cup

By Vita Forest

Isaboe and the teapot

Isaboe and the teapot

Today I had a busy day – marking and playground duty before school, teaching all day, lunchtime gone with dance auditions, meetings and eating lunch after school, organizing the logistics of two excursions (one next week) and rushing to finish an email so I could rush out the door early to (somewhat ironically) make it to my favourite yoga class.

The aim of many a yoga class for many a yogi, is to get through to that last five minutes when you are allowed to lie on the ground, with your eyes closed doing absolutely nothing at all.  Bliss…

As I write this, I am sipping jasmine tea out of an extremely tiny cup, pausing to fill it from my tiny glass teapot.  The size of the cup forces me to stop and slow down.  To stop rushing.  Time is a scarce resource.  But does it have to be?

At work I am trying to be extremely organised, to avoid this rushing, this feeling of panic, of having to be elsewhere.  Perhaps it will all settle down.  Soon.  When my programs are finished, when the auditions are done, when our assembly is over, when our item is learned, when we have had our video conference with our sister school, when I have booked the buses for the excursion…  Are you the same?

But at home – I am scheduling in some slowness.  Some luxury.  Yes I want to write, yes I need to send out submissions.  But if I never stop, I’ll never let those thoughts float to the surface.  Never be able to know what I really think.  Never recognize those moments of revelation.

I need to slow down.

Here are some of the things I do to indulge in slowness:

  • walk when I could drive.
  • breaststroke when I could freestyle (for the swimmers amongst us).
  • hand sew or make something from scratch instead of buying it.
  • read – preferably all day after sleeping in.
  • have a picnic and just watch the world go by.
  • cuddle a cat.
  • sip tea.
  • weed by hand.

What has happened to us?  Why is being busy a badge of honour?

Perhaps I should stop writing and just enjoy my tea…

Sometimes you just need to drink tea

Sometimes you just need to drink tea


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