By Vita Forest

Seen this year

Seen this year

It’s time to look back at 2015 and be grateful for the year that was.

In 2015 I am grateful for:

  • my children and family.  My children continue to develop into insightful, quirky and genuinely good people.   They impress me with their resilience and energy.  My family as always, loyal and down to earth.
  • my friends, new and old, for their inspiration, honesty, support and acceptance.  Lots of laughs this year.
  • my job, this is the year I won a permanent teaching job.  Phew!  Makes life a little easier and it’s
  • meaningful work, where what I do has real effect, where I work with inspiring people who care and make a difference, where children feel valued and have the opportunity to shine in their own special way.
  • my home, never underestimate the value of having a peaceful nourishing place to refresh, reflect and relax.  A place to feel safe and in control.
  • my health, both physical and mental.  Not much you can do without it.
  • my creative outlets and the satisfaction they provide.  Whether teaching, writing, crafting, knitting, designing, choreographing, directing or blogging, creativity has made me feel alive right to my nerve endings.
  • books and their opportunities for escape, new understandings, experiences and delight.  They have been the source of many lively discussions with family, friends, students and even strangers.  At school this year we devoured Fearless, Matilda and Harry Potter (amongst others).  At home I discovered the wonders of Barbara Trapido and Cheryl Strayed.
  • adventures both near and far, beach holidays, bush walks, art galleries, museums, gardens, city and coastal walks, festivals, music and visits to Canberra to see my friend Fleur and to float in colour in James Turrell’s Perceptual cell.
  • the great outdoors. I am lucky to live in Sydney where nature spoils us.

What are you grateful for in 2015?

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