An unfortunate meeting with a fairy

By Vita Forest.

This is my response to another Blogging event.  This time it’s the Photo-Fiction Challenge from Random_Michelle.  Check out the photo prompt on her site.  I had a bit of fun making my own relevant meme too.  Enjoy!

And with that the fairy vanished

And with that the fairy vanished

So her wish had been granted.

Sort of.

She was now invisible.  She could go wherever she wanted.  She was free…

The only problem was – she was also naked.  Her clothes did not seem to be part of the whole invisibility deal.  And it was cold.  There was an icy wind today, despite the sun shining through the early spring sky.  The fairy godmother was gone.  Probably back to her fairy bower to laugh with her colleagues about another dreamer who didn’t know they had to be a little bit more specific with their wishes.

This was not going to work.  It was worse than being seen.  Her lack of visibility was going to make her stand out, make cars crash, cause people to stop dead in their tracks and stare (before pulling out their phones and posting her on Facebook).  She would be the most famous invisible person in the world.  (Were there others out there?  Had they met up with that same fairy, who smiled her crooked smile, raised an eyebrow and waved her wand before you had time to think?)

She would have to get dressed.  There was no way she could leave the house without clothes.  And she didn’t know how long the spell would last.  That was another mistake, she had been way too vague and the fairy had hopped it before she could ask any follow up questions.

She got dressed and pondered her predicament.  She dressed sensibly, both for the weather and in case of sudden spell reversals.  Her original plans were obviously out the window, but perhaps she could have a little fun and catch up with her reading at the same time.  She collected her book and her keys and left the house.

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