In the wind and the weather

By Vita Forest

Curl Curl Beach

Curl Curl Beach

Last Saturday Saskia, Rowdy and I took a barefoot walk from Freshwater to Dee Why.  Why barefoot?  The route includes a long sandy beach.  There were also a couple of headlands and some boardwalks but it was just easier to leave the shoes off…

Here are some of the things we saw

  • Ready-made dog drinking bowls for Rowdy in the cliff-top rock pools.  The water was left over from the recent rain.
  • Birds – a pelican spiralling up on the wind with outstretched wings, fairy wrens hidden in the scrubby bush on the headland and seagulls congregating together by the side of a harbour pool.
  • A bunch of kite surfers literally flying over the waves as their brightly coloured kites bobbed above them.
  • The heart-shaped rock again we noticed last summer (from another angle it looks like a big bum…)
Heart or bum?

Heart or bum?

  • A collection of pink daisies floating in a tiny rock pool puddle by the boardwalk around from Freshwater.
View out over Dee Why

View out over Dee Why

  • The view out over the sea from Dee Why where we stopped for a cuppa at an outdoor cafe.  Bare feet and dogs were welcome.
  • Toddlers peering out of prams at Rowdy as their parents promenaded by.
  • Surfers clad in wetsuits tiptoeing over the rocks with their boards under their arms.
  • Triangular sails of yachts heading south under heavy pewter clouds.  But the rain stayed away.
  • Gleaming white breakers at Curl Curl, glowing as the sun set.
  • A rogue wave surprising me, sweeping up high on the sand and soaking the bottom of my jeans.
  • The weird blue glow of Curl Curl pool after sunset.
Pool at Curl Curl

Pool at Curl Curl

We made it back over the last headland before the light disappeared.  We stopped and washed the sand off our feet while Rowdy caught a few sips of water from the tap.  Our feet were tingling from the grit of the sand, the rocks, the mud.  We knew we were alive.



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